Getting StartedEdit

The first thing to do is sign up on our forums and make an application using this template. This is your first step in joining the community, after you have had your application accepted you can move onto the civilian interview, which is based of of these rules. After successfully completing the interview, you will receive your teamspeak tags, forum whitelisting and game server whitelisting.


After you have become a fully registered member, you will now be able to join the server which the details of can be found on the Teamspeak 3 Server under the channel called 'Waiting For Support - Read Description'. When you arrive in the server, a lot of things will be different compared to normal ArmA 3 controls.

  • One main 'interaction key' which allows you repair and unflip cars etc is the Windows/Start Key
  • To pick up items/crops you will use T+Windows/Start Key.
  • To holster your gun you press Shift+H
  • To draw your gun back press Shift+F
  • To jump while sprinting Sprint+Space
  • To open a vehicles virtual inventory 'T'
  • To put your hands on your head Shift+F1
  • To enable/disable tactical hand signals 'P'
  • To use tactical hand signals, numbers 1-9 (not numpad)
  • To knock somebody out Shift+G
  • To unlock/lock vehicles 'U'

Phone SystemEdit

The server currently has a phone system which is opened by pressing 'y' on your keyboard, where your phone allows you to access various additional options such as;

  • Virtual Inventory - This contains any food, drink, battery packs or any miscellaneous (eg - blindfolds) items are kept; can also be opened with Ctrl + y.
  • Bank - Your money in the bank, aswell as what you have on hand
  • Tag Menu - This allows you to change your name colour as well as displaying your gang tags
  • Messages - This allows for you to communicate with other players wherever they are on the map, however you need their number or them saved as a contact
  • Contacts - You can add up to 20 people and their phone numbers here, this allows for a faster and easier way to text the same people
  • Key Chain - This contains keys to any vehicles (currently spawned) or any houses you may own
  • Skills - Here is where you find out your levels for farming and mining, which can be improved by harvesting crops, and mining various ores, the higher the level the higher the yield and less chance of failure
  • Synchronize - This saves your character and settings (eg - Virtual Inventory)
  • Settings - Here you can change your soundmode (vibrate etc), ringtone, SMStone and screen background and allows you to check your own phone number
  • View Distance - This allows you to increase/decrease view distance for smoother gameplay

Task Force RadioEdit

Another important part of the gameplay is the TS3 plugin called 'Taskforce Radio'. This plugin allows you to talk to people who are near you, or over a distance using a radio. Full controls can be found here. However I will explain briefly explain the main controls;

  • Key binded to push to talk on TS3 - Talking to people nearby
  • Ctrl + Tab - Change from whispering, normal and yelling
  • Caps Lock - Speak over the short-range radio
  • Ctrl + P - Setup short-range radio
  • Ctrl + Caps Lock - Speak over the long-range radio (either backpack or car)
  • Alt + P - Setup long-range radio