The General Store is a place where you can get a small assortment of various useful items such as First Aid Kit's and toolkits which will go into your normal inventory. However this is also a source of money criminals can target; to earn some quick easy money.

General Store (Lakeside, Morrison Town, Los Diablos & Santa Maria)
Item Price
Map $150
First Aid Kit $250
Radio (short range) $900
Watch $900
Compass $450
Binoculars $1,250
GPS $600
Toolkit $750
NV Goggles (brown/green/black) $12,000
Chemlights $300

Robbing the StoreEdit

If you are armed sufficiently, a pistol or other lethal weapon such as a pickaxe, you have the option to rob the store. This can be done by using the scroll wheel. In Lakeside; the store takes 60 seconds to complete the robbery while in Morrison and Los Diablos it will take 240 seconds. You must keep your weapon out, and in the store whilst robbing it, you may leave when the robbery is complete. However with robbing the store comes a risk, police will respond to the calls to protect the clerk, as well as the money.


Markets are places where you can buy useful items such as food and drink for your virtual inventory. Again, markets can be robbed for an amount of money, with the same procedure as the General Store robberies. The timings are 60 seconds for Smallville and 240 seconds for any other market (except San Cristobal and Springfield Cliffs - cannot be robbed)

Market (Smallville, Morrison Town, Los Diablos, San Cristobal & Springfield Cliffs)
Item Price
Cigarette $30
Zoo Beer $40
Rax's Rum $75
Water Bottle $20
Rabbit Meat $30
Battery Pack $200
Apple $20
RedGull $45
Tactical Bacon $40
Lockpick $150
Blindfold $2,000
Zipties $2,000
Pickaxe $1,200
Full Fuel Can $30
Peach $25
Bolt Cutter $7,500
Small Storage Box (for houses) $100,000
Large Storage Box (for houses) $500,000
Earplugs $60

Additionally; the market at the Rebel Outpost sells blasting charges for $300,000 which can be used to blow up the vault of the bank, and the main doors of the jail.

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