A gang is a group of like-minded individuals who join together to make a criminal organisation; however some 'gangs' prefer to become a PMC (Private Military Company).

Current approved gangs in Lakeside as of 3/7/17

  • The Reapers
  • Bricksquad
  • Kidney Collection Agency

How do I join a gang? Edit

To join a gang it is pretty simple. After spending over a week in Lakeside, you can either meet up in game or make an application through the forums.

There are two different types of gangs. Unapproved and approved. Approved gangs are ones who meet the requirements.

These gangs have already made a mark within Lakeside, and often have more experienced members. Join by applying to one here.

Unapproved gangs are usually less experienced, but all gangs start small, and rise up. Apply here.

How do I make a gang? Edit

In order to enable the staff to monitor more efficiently we have set up the following system:

Gang leaders will have to submit an application

A staff member will review your application

Your application will be denied if you do not comply with the restrictions

Things to include:

  1. A good RP background story
  2. Feel free to personalise your post
  3. On your roster provide UID's for your members
  4. Comply with the restrictions
  5. When you reach 10 members, your gang will become approved

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